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Slavkovský štítSlavkovský štítSławkowski Szczyt (Slavkovský štít)

Slavkovský Peak

Slavkovský Peak is in a cleft which goes from the main ridge- from Vychodna Vysoka, southwards and separates very frequented Velka Studena from Slavkovske doliny (dells). Slavkovsky stit is a much-sought for its beutiful scenery view from the wide top. The first tourist path has been made in 1881 and that time a stone obelisk has been build in a honour of a local worker Wiesza. The memorial had been unfortunately demaged after the Second World War. Slavkovsky stit is often called as an important crossroads. From this point you can get for example to Velka and Mala Dolina.

Slavkovský Peak
Slavkovský Peak
Slavkovský Peak

Sight from ridge
Slavkovský Peak
Sight from Nový Smokovec

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